BDO CyberDigest

By Low Zhan Yuan | 19 April 2022

Understanding the Rising Cyber Warfare Trends in the World

Cyber warfare is usually defined as a cyberattack or series of attacks that targets a country. It has the potential to wreak havoc on government, civilian infrastructure and disrupt critical systems which result in damage to the state and even loss of lives. Cyber warfare...

By Jeffrey Legua | 04 April 2022

Dissecting the Dark Side of the Net

What are your thoughts when you hear the word “Dark Web”? Or if you have heard about it, have you imagined how transactions are being done with the use of computers in this digital age? The Dark Web is known as the core of illegal online activity and its landscape is always...

By Eric Tee | 24 March 2022

Strengthening the Cybersecurity Posture with Adversary Emulation

Adversary emulation is a type of red team engagement that leverages on tactics, techniques, procedures (TTPs) that were used by adversaries to mimic real world intrusion campaigns. Adversary emulators build a scenario to test certain aspects of an adversary’s TTPs. An...

By Tok Huey Cheit | 28 February 2022

Blind Spots for Cybersecurity 2022

Are users able/trained to identify customised phishing/scam/BEC emails and messages? Cyber criminals have been relentless in coming up with new ways to carry out cyberattacks such as phishing, scam, and BEC. One such method is to lure the victim to reach out to the attacker by...

By Low Zhan Yuan | 22 February 2022

Combating Rising Cybersecurity Crimes in Singapore Financial Fraud

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber crimes have become an increasing cause of concern. It has not been a good start to 2022 for at least 469 people who have fallen prey to phishing scams involving Bank A*, with reported losses totalling at least $8.5 million. While technology...

By Low Zhan Yuan | 14 February 2022

Protecting from Phishing Scams in Singapore

Cyber crimes have become an increasing cause of concern even before the pandemic period. It has not been a good start to 2022 for at least 469 people who have fallen prey to phishing scams involving Bank A*, with reported losses totalling at least $8.5 million. While...

By Tok Huey Cheit | 11 January 2022

Staying Cyber Safe During The Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year will be upon us soon. It is a time for reunions and new beginnings, with some making new resolutions, travelling overseas for a holiday, giving themselves or their house a makeover, and buying new accessories for themselves. It is also the time for...

By Tok Huey Cheit | 01 November 2021

Approaches to Rebuild Consumer Trust after Service Outage

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram experienced an outage on 4 October 2021. Businesses dependent on these platforms were left hapless as they did not have any backup plans or means to reach out to their customers. 

By Cecil Su | 11 October 2021

Dealing with the Ransomware Scourge

Ransomware is advanced malicious software (malware) that encrypts and holds your digital assets such as files or computer systems hostage, and demands ransom to regain access. Ransomware attacks can take only seconds to damage your valuable systems and data, potentially...

By Tok Huey Cheit | 01 September 2021

Are Cybercriminals Targeting Mobile Phones and Shunning Desktops Now?

Most of us are no stranger to receiving Short Message Services (SMSs) containing links to phishing sites or invitations to participate in online betting sites. These are usually ignored since they are easily identified as dubious entities. Having said that, a friend of mine...